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CC1110 interface JemRF sensor
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RF Module Programmer with TI CC Debugger

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This multi-purpose interface is used to configure and program the JemRF wireless modules. The wireless modules (not included) plug firmly into the female edge board connector allowing you to configure and program the wireless module without the need for soldering wires to the wireless module. 

Here are two examples of JemRF wireless modules plugged into the programmer board:

1. Wireless module

2. Flex module:


Using the FTDI connection pins (3V, GND, TX, RX) you can connect the programmer module to a serial monitor (FTDI cable to PC) or directly to a Raspberry Pi.

If you wish to update the CC1110 chip with your own code you can attach the programmer module to the standard Texas Instrument CC Debugger as shown here:

 TI CC Debugger User's Guide

TI CC Debugger Quick Start Guide