WiFi-RF Wireless Sensor Relay

WiFi-RF Wireless Sensor Relay

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The WiFi-RF Relay or Gateway eliminates the need for a Raspberry PI or Arduino computer to receive data from the Wireless RF Sensors.  It provides and alternate way to do the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion if wanted, then send the readings to the PrivateEyePi server.

The WiFi-RF Relay/Gateway follows the same process as our WiFi IoT Sensors to connect to the local WiFi and then establishes a connection to the PEP server. Differences between the Raspberry Pi or Arduino functions, is the WiFi-RF Gateway is an Wireless RF receiver only, it can be used to not issue commands to the Wireless RF Sensor.

The WiFi-RF Relay/Gateway is in the same physical case as the current WiFi IoT Sensor.  Using a mini-USB connector for power.

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