Smart Gateway

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The Smart Gateway is the latest in our product development. It provides a wide range of operating options and is on track for a 3rd quarter 2024 release. If interested, contact to be part of the early test and validation users.

This Gateway receives messages from the Wireless RF sensors and sends them to the JemRF Monitor servers.

The Smart Gateway has a built-in MQTT Agent that can publish sensor values to an MQTT Broker, providing a wide range of custom applications.

A simple firmware update button will automatically download and install firmware updates. USB port for offline updates.

The Smart Gateway setup uses the same internal WiFi configuration process as the WiFi Gateway and WiFi Sensor devices.  

  • It receives sensor readings, time tags, and stores to allow for a delayed send if the connection to the server is lost. An example is: On transfer truck between facilities or remote locations.
  • Power pack for days of battery operation.
  • Connects to WiFI or Wired Ethernet.
  • Wired Ethernet has a POE option at 12 Watts.
  • Support sending a message to or a custom server.
  • It supports MQTT client-to-broker connection to forward data to custom servers. MQTT data formats are text, JSON, and SparkPlugB V3.

  • Can be configured using Static IP or DHCP
  • Option for Internal battery-backed clock or use NTP Server for time.
  • It can be configured and managed from an internal WEB interface, wireless or wired.
  • It has a CSV data export option to export data received by the day.
  • Provides the option to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Supports MQTT message formats

  • JemRF format
  • Cayanne
  • JSON (Home Assistant)
  • SparkPlugB V3

 The Smart Gateway does not issue commands to the Wireless RF Sensors.


  • The best result is to mount it on the wall with the power cord down, but not against a metal wall, which will greatly reduce the WiFi range.
  • Details and steps to put online are on our illustrated guide


  • Dimensions 120mm x 55mm x 35mm
  • Powered either by USB-C cable 2.5 amps
  • POE at 12 Watts
  • Operating Temperature is -30C to +46C. Fahrenheit equivalent is -20F to +115F