Wireless Message Monitor with LCD Display


We are doing some research into IoT hubs looking for potential replacements for the Raspberry Pi, which is our most prominent gateway to the internet. The idea is to eventually produce our own hub that can be a IoT gateway between our RF sensor nodes and the internet. 

Shown in the picture is a ESP-32 module which has WIFI, BlueTooth and built in OLED display. We have attached it to our Flex radio module on the right and connected the two devices via the serial port (blue and yellow wires). 

All RF messages received by the RF module are sent to the ESP-32 over the serial interface and we wrote some code (found here) to receive the messages and output them to the OLED screen as well as send them to the PrivateEyePi server through the WIFI connection. Works really well as a makeshift IoT hub but we found it also very useful as a message monitor. We set the font size quite big for the purposes of this picture but could reduce it so we can have 5 lines of text instead of three. 


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