Radio Controlled Displays

We are working on adding support for the MAX7219 chip on our Flex RF module. This enables you to drive signage remotely using the Flex's ability to transmit over long distances.The Flex module has its own microprocessor that drives the display so you don't need a separate microprocessor (like an Arduino and Raspberry Pi).

The display shown in the picture is 8 characters with decimal points in between each character.  From a wiring standpoint there are three data feeds (DIN,  CLK, CS) connected to the three GPIO pins on the Flex. The display is 5V and the Flex is 3.3V so you can see in the picture we have an external 5V power supply and a step down converter to 3.3V. 

We are going to extend the 12 character  messaging protocol on the Flex to accept the 8 characters to be displayed (e.g. a65M12345678). We will figure out a way to encode the placement of the 8 possible decimals points.

We will be testing it for a couple weeks and then release it around the end of March.   


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